Logo Design

Logos are an Integral Part of Your Brand

Strong logo design is an integral part of your brand and identity. It is meant to visually represent you, as well as distinguish you from other companies, organizations, or people. Think of your logo as your representative when you aren’t around.

Having a distinct look and feel is important in getting across to people who you and what you’re all about. You want to be memorable and to have people recognize your brand as soon as they see your logo. If you can get people to associate colors and fonts with your brand that shows how powerful and impactful it is.

Ideally, people will have a reaction to your brand. The stronger the feeling or reaction someone has to your logo, the stronger your brand is. People may not always know or understand the feelings they have about your logo, but if we can elicit emotion, you can be sure that they will remember it.

Since it is such a significant part of your brand, it is crucial that you hire an expert to design your logo. Angry Ape Creative takes into account your personal and your company ideals, personality, and mission when designing a logo for you.

We work with you in discovering the best imagery to represent your brand. We welcome your feedback during the logo design process. Our mission is to give clear guidance and instruction as we work with you to create an image to best represent you.

Branding Process

Through our logo branding process, we design the perfect image for your brand, as well as choosing fonts and colors. All of these are equally important in creating your visual brand.

A logo is often a living entity that changes on a case-by-case basis. However, it must be consistent so that people recognize it as your brand. This may mean that we need to create multiple versions of your logo, depending on your specific needs.

At Angry Ape Creative, we design a branding guide along with your logo design. This guide details the fonts, color, and different versions of your logo to be used in your brand. This helps you know how to use each version of your logo and quickly see the branding attributes associated with it.

We can design a logo from scratch, create a new logo as part of a brand redesign, or recreate an existing logo from a file. Often businesses will approach us for design work but will not have a usable version of their logo. There are times that a business might not know what their official colors or fonts are. These are cases in which we would recreate a logo and develop the branding assets before we start designing other marketing collateral.