Business Services

Angry Ape Creative can help your business with a variety of services from making your business easier to manage to the more creative functions of running a business. Below are some of the services we offer.


Angry Ape Creative is a G Suite (formally Google for Work) reseller. We typically create a G Suite account for each new website we create, but we can also set up a new G Suite account for clients any client. We can set up one or more G Suite accounts for your company or organization. Click here to read more about setting up G Suite.


Are you having trouble coming up with a name for your business? Surprisingly, this can be one of the most difficult parts of getting your business started. We have some tools and techniques we use when thinking of a name for a business that we can share with you. We can also do the heavy lifting for you, coming up with a name as well as logo options. Click here to read more about naming your business.


Do you need your own website? The first thing you need is a domain name. A domain name is the name of your site that someone would type into a web browser to find your website. Click here to find out more about strategies for registering domain names. You can also go straight to Angry Ape Domains to register a domain name.

Digital Presence

Establishing your digital presence and maintaining it is important in this current world full of noise. How are you perceived or seen online? Your business will eventually be listed in more places that you are aware of and you want your information to be correct all the time.