Register A Domain

Registering a domain name is usually one of the first things you should do when you are creating a website. It is often one of the first thing you should do when you create a business or create a new product. This is because getting the right domain name or URL can be hard. Many of the common and uncommon words have been registered for businesses or to point to businesses. If you are starting a company or organization from scratch and are in the process of naming it, finding an available domain name is often part of the process that determines the name.

Angry Ape Creative has set up its own domain reseller account at www.angryapedomains.com. Here you can sign up for an account and register all you domains in a single place. We can also help you set up and register you domains names. We believe it is very important for the business owner to own their own domains. If a conflict arises, you want to be the person that owns your domain and pay for it yourself. We have never had any issues with our clients, but we have had clients come to us, who are having issues with a previous design or developer. If the client does not own the domain it makes things much more difficult ad slows down the process.

Here are some things to think about when choosing a domain name

  • Get the .com first
  • .net & .biz are my second and third choices respectively
  • .org is usually reserved for non-profits
  • You want the domain name to be a short possible so it is quick to type and remember
  • It is ok to register multiple domains that point to the same place
  • Think about what people might type as well as what they should type (angryape.com & angryapes.com)
  • Sometimes you need to get creative with the name or word you want to use. Try a unique spelling or adding a word in front of the main word. (anngryappes.com or goangryape.com)
  • Use a dash to separate words (angry-ape.com)
  • Protect your brand. If you have a good name and you get the URL, protect your brand and help avoid confusion by registering all the name around your brand (angryape.com, angryapecreative.com, angryapemarketing.com)
  • Register phrases or other keywords that you can use as landing pages (www.carmellogo.com)